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The Comenix character

The Comenix character we have choosen:
My names’s Polix. I’m a Pole and I‘m very proud of it. We‘re a very proud nation: that’s just the way we are. And we’re especially proud of our national football team: although it keeps losing, we always support it. The slogan: „Don’t worry Poles!“ has almost become our second national anthem. Sometimes it is even sung by our opponents‘ fans. When asked how we are, you won’t get „I’m fine“. Instead, you’ll get familiar with our problems going back to our third generation. The typical answer to the above question is „Poverty like always“.
Nonetheless, we’re a very hospitable bunch. We adore inviting quests and organising lavish parties. Don’t forget though that when entering our house, you’ll be presented with „nice“ slippers and your elegant shoes must be taken off. Don’t ever refuse to eat what we serve you: it’ll be treated as an affront. For us, a visitor is like God, so we’ll do our best to make you feel at home. Every Sunday we go to church: we’re a very Catholic nation. However, we won’t make you accompany us during the mass: we’re very tolerant.
There’re no missions impossible for us: we’re able to „deal“ with everything, which is a feature inherited from the past when we had to organise something from nothing. Despite all adversity, we’re a heroic nation and in moments of horror we can get united like no other.

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